GOD has created our hearts to be protected.
Not with high walls of stone or metal gates riveted together with bitterness and cynicism.
I would say I fall victim to those two, but we’re like buddies when we hang out. We have matching leather jackets, and mine is more than broken-in.

GOD asks that we simply put up a sturdy, wooden fence, maybe a cattle guard or two for some of the bigger, more bovine parts of our heart. We are always welcome to talk over the fence, stand on the fence, or hide in the middle of our pasture. We can even stand at the gate and invite things in or ask other things to go. GOD doesn’t want to lock us up. But He knows how dangerous it is to be unguarded, especially our squishy-feeling-bits.
So He asks to be in charge of what comes and goes from our heart. So we don’t end up with squatters on our land or get nervous and let good things go.
He knows a horse full of Trojans when He sees one and He can spot a bull full of poo miles off. And when we get antsy, we can get out of our comfort zone and take some risks, He just wants to go with us.
What I’m describing is a relationship.
GOD doesn’t just want whatever piddly piece of your field where you’ll let Him set up shop, He wants to live there with you and help you take care of yourself.
If I only let my husband into the backroom of our house and said, “No, no! The rest is mine, because, reasons!” You’d think I was insane.

So why do the same to the GOD of the Universe?

GOD showed me those few weeks ago that I don’t need a friend that will ignore my boundaries and keep coming at me like a battering ram. Maybe someone else could use that, but not me. It gets my legs all wobbly.

In the short term setting that boundary and upsetting that person really sucked. But ultimately, GOD saved me from having my heart actually broken, when it was something more serious and that’s how she decided to behave. I may look like a bad guy and like I’m not playing nice, but at the end of the day for a person with a triggered disorder, the less bullets available, the better. Even if it makes me look like a jerk, on the inside, GOD knows I’m not.
Making sacrifices to heal because He’s asked me to is an act of worship. Whether it is a potential friendship, quitting self-injury, or showing up to therapy; GOD honors our sacrifices.

¬†Holding fast to healthy boundaries is an act of worship. One that GOD honors and rewards. Even if you can’t see it.

Remember the love of GOD
Seek the truth of GOD

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