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Rejection: The Compounding Wound

I have experienced a hell of a lot of rejection in my life.  I asked eight different guys to prom my junior year of high school and they all said no. One said yes, but then told me the next day that he thought I was joking and then he said no. Finally, I went...

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Dear Church,

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been scared to write this post for a lot of reasons. It’s been ruminating inside of me for years and I haven’t felt comfortable to share. Which is shocking, because I share so much. But when it comes to my faith, I struggle to share about my...

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Healthy But Alone

Photo By Alexander Lyubavin There is an element of sobriety that I think is often overlooked: The loss of friends.  Over and over again I’ve heard stories about people having to stop associating with their friends who continue to use drugs or drink. So here you...

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Forgiveness and Grief

In the last six months I forgave someone who hurt me very deeply. I just said, “I forgive ____.” and threw something into a fire. I was alone. I didn’t tell them that I forgave them, I just did. Finally I’m not angry when I talk about them. I can remember the good...

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10 Things No One Told Me About Divorce

Photo Credit: Patrik Theander Part of the reason that no one told me these select things is because divorce is different for everyone and the struggles are varied across the board. Not everyone has hit these walls but I did. I hit them head on, and super hard. 1. You...

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The F Word

Photo Credit : Shelby Steward Forgiveness is a hard word. It sounds like a four letter word most of the time. I know that when I feel like I’ve been wronged somehow that forgiveness is the last thing on my mind. I’ve wrestled with forgiving key members of my life for...

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The Comparison Trap

For a while now I’ve been stuck. Stuck listening to the old voices that say, “You’ll never be like _______.”“You’re just not talented enough.” “You’re just not pretty enough.” “You’re just not….enough.” Social media has allowed us for over ten years to follow the...

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Bitterness is a Noxious Weed

Over the last couple years, I’ve developed an unfortunate empathy for every female villain in literature. Bitterness has left me embattled and saying things I wish I hadn’t. Bitterness has stolen my spark and my joy. It’s left me a shell of who I used to be. This may...

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How My Divorce Stole My Voice in Four Easy Steps

Far and away the most painful experiences of my life were my marriage falling apart, separating from my husband, and being asked for a divorce. Saying that it turned my world upside down is trite, but at the same time accurate. Nothing made sense for the last two and...

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