I am writing to you from under the covers; not metaphorically,  physically.

The last couple weeks have been crazy difficult. More days than not I’ve been in bed, all day.
Some people will joke and say they need a “vacation” like mine, sleeping 18 hours a day.

But it isn’t fun. It isn’t restful. I have been taking my medicine, going to therapy twice a week, and still, sometimes, this is where I end up:
Paralyzed by fear to get out of bed.

I wish I had some fuzzy life lesson to dish out, but this is what healing looks like. It hurts so badly sometimes you feel like you’ll never get better.

But you will.

Frequently, the only way to get out of a hole this deep is just to admit how deep the hole is and that you can’t get out of it yourself. 

So, here I am, under the covers.
If I couldn’t admit it here, then this blog is rubbish.
Healing is not just about being obedient to GOD, but being transparent with others.

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