Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. All holiday is about to break loose. Here are some things that we, your mentally ill friends, need you to know about us as this season approaches.


Holidays are hard.

For a lot of us the holidays are filled with triggers. Memories and family stress can be insurmountable for us. We want to be festive, but we have a lot stacked against us. Help us by making new and happy holiday memories with us. Be patient if it’s hard for us to be chipper or find the silver lining.
The changing seasons can make it difficult for those who already struggle with depression. Excessive activities and excitement make it harder for those of us with anxiety too.


This is taking all that we have.

We are using a lot of our energy and focus to “be okay”. We may need time alone to recharge, no matter how extroverted we seem. We aren’t withdrawing or excusing ourselves in order to go somewhere and “be glum” we just need a few moments to feel what we’re feeling, which can be sad or angry or even just tired. I will go to a dark room and lay down during the day. I will take a nap or just rest. Be gentle with us and don’t push too hard. Remind us that we don’t have to push ourselves too hard either. We want to be included, but sometimes it’s better if we sit out.


Please don’t tell us we’re supposed to be happy.

We get that this is supposed to be a festive time of year and that it’s supposed to be all smiles and no sad. But we just can’t keep that up for very long. We don’t want to bum you out, but sometimes we won’t be in the holiday spirit. Thank you for including us, but we have to come as we are.


Extra stress takes its toll. 

We will probably be sleeping a lot more than usual during the holidays. It takes a lot of energy and we will be able to do less things because of it. We’re not being “lazy” or “unsocial”. We just need more rest than normal. Sorry if you’re staying with us. Maybe just use that time to watch holiday movies and wrap our presents.


There is a lot that is fun about the holidays and we’re glad about them too. We just have to experience them a little bit differently.


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