So, it is 2014. The year that threatened to swallow my husband and me is over!

I am choosing to be forward thinking instead of dwelling on the mess that was 2013. But, there are most likely plenty of introspective posts about the ups and downs of everyone’s year so it won’t be missed.

This year is already posing some very unique challenges, healthcare reform is a big one. It has come to light that in order to really get better I will have to go somewhere for more intensive therapy. We will have to navigate that and other financial issues.

But I am taking solace in GOD’s sovereignty. He wants me to heal more than even I do so He will make a way.

In the new year we find a new resolve, hence our resolutions. We make promises to exercise, organize, or save money; but how many of us resolve to make our insides better? I’m not talking about taking a multivitamin.

Will this be the year for you to heal? Will you finally go to therapy, journal, speak kindly to yourself, or even find a twelve step program?

Healing is hard work, but GOD will help you.

Diane Langberg wrote a wonderful book, that I often think about. In it, she puts to words the validation we all need when it comes to facing our wounds and traumas:

“It is a work that will sometimes seem to skirt the abyss of hell.”
Diane Langberg, On the Threshold of Hope

No joke, Diane.

Following this blog is just a tiny step in the right direction.

I have just over 40 followers, both men and women. Statistically, most of you have experienced some sort if abuse, trauma, or otherwise serious issue. Am I right? Are you reading this and thinking, “It wasn’t bad enough to be called abuse.” or “I wouldn’t call it trauma”? You are using my favorite trick of all, denial. As much as I love it we had to break up in 2013.

This year, stop making excuses. Invest in yourself, your family, and your loved ones and


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