Last spring I released a book of poetry, Before the Dawn.

It is full of poems that express the feeling of being in the depths of healing.

It comes highly recommended!

Below is a preview poem:

The Shore
Dark waves thrash against an eroding shoreline.
Coaxing me to wade in ankle deep
The sharp bite of their chill is nothing to me
Never having before felt warmth
“Come out further”, they beg
And so I strip off my defenses
Trusting once again in the sincerity
of their ever present white caps slapping my face
Taking this harassment for love
I keep swimming
Until the sinister undercurrent that has all along been waiting
Drags me under
Further and further from shore
I spend all my energy to stay above the water
I never learned to swim as well as other kids because I had to teach myself
So I kick and fight
Floating on my back because it seems safer than head on
Praying for the water to yield
Praying to be spit back onto the sharp rocks of the shore.

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