Why I Can’t Choose Joy

Every once in a while a neat little catch phrase will come into the common vernacular and it seems to be all inclusive. It gets tossed around like a beach ball at a concert and is much the same; full of air and of little weight. It can give the user or hearer a little...

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Happy? Mother’s Day

I have a complicated relationship with holidays. By far the most complicated of which is one to make Freud proud: Mother's Day. I stay home from church to avoid sermons about mothers and all we owe them and how God sees motherhood. I limit the mother-lauding Facebook...

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Beauty Standards and Sexual Abuse

This week my mom sent me a link to a blog post that hit me really hard. The message came with simple instructions, "Read this blog", but I don't think either my mother or myself were prepared for the intensity of the message I needed to receive. The post by author,...

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The Prison of OCD

  Having multiple issues has shown me the stigma that surrounds each one. When celebrities commit suicide we're quick to talk about their "struggles with depression". Depression seems to be the scapegoat that covers all manner of mental illness. When Robin...

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