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My Fight With Hunger

Growing up, I always got just enough food. If it was the weekend I got three meals. No one made sure I had breakfast or lunch so I often went without. I even remember a teacher buying me lunch one day at school. Friends would share their lunches with me in middle...

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Why I Can’t Choose Joy

Every once in a while a neat little catch phrase will come into the common vernacular and it seems to be all inclusive. It gets tossed around like a beach ball at a concert and is much the same; full of air and of little weight. It can give the user or hearer a little...

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Speak Your Silence – Childhood Sexual Abuse

On July 23rd in the Kansas City area, Rethink Trauma is holding a gala in support of Speak Your Silence. I recently interviewed Matt to get some more detail into the specifics of the organization Matt Pipkin is a pretty contagious guy. He doesn't look like what people...

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Happy? Mother’s Day

I have a complicated relationship with holidays. By far the most complicated of which is one to make Freud proud: Mother's Day. I stay home from church to avoid sermons about mothers and all we owe them and how God sees motherhood. I limit the mother-lauding Facebook...

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Beauty Standards and Sexual Abuse

This week my mom sent me a link to a blog post that hit me really hard. The message came with simple instructions, "Read this blog", but I don't think either my mother or myself were prepared for the intensity of the message I needed to receive. The post by author,...

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The 30 Million and 1 Reasons I Quit My Job

Global estimates put the number of enslaved persons between 21 and 30 million people. Million. Statistics point at 76 percent of those people being in forced labor. 22 percent of victims fall under the category of sex slavery. I don't engage in the commercial sex...

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#Jeanuary – Pants Are Terrible, But Slavery is Worse

What these blue shackles have taught me is that people don't really understand yet how often men and boys are exploited. When I bring it up people are usually floored by the truth behind the statistics. They recognize that it's a problem, but not what some studies show, that it's up to 50% of those who are sex trafficked being men and boys. read more

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